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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Decide Your Fate - What Will Your Day or Year Be!

Doreen Washington
Author and Columnist

Ladies to often we do not decide on purpose to make it a good day or a great year.  Oh yes, we say the slogan, "make it a great day", but as soon as trouble find its way to us  and it will, we are taken off course and "make it a great day" has become just a slogan without meaning to us.  That word make is empowering us to make a demand on our day and it's authorizing us to control our fate or destiny within the content of this slogan.

We have to be aware and in tune with the happenings about us and around us.  We must on purpose pay close attention to the things we say, the people we have in our space and the coincidences that take us off course.  Ladies there are no coincidences - we are bombarded with work, children, little leagues, big leagues, home obligations, and we may get to enjoy some parts of our day by the end of our day - possibly.  With all these different types of daily activities will we have time to decide our fate?  We must on purpose make that decision or it just won't happen. 

We often times put the responsibilities on others to make our day or we have to have all things working together for our good to have a good year.  But we must see our influence and abilities to create our fate, our destinies, and our worlds.  This must be done with purpose and on purpose.

For example, we set out to work daily and some of us have agenda and planned tasks that we must get done prior to leaving for the day.  We on purpose have mapped out our plans and strategies in advance.  This is one of the practice you can use in deciding your fate.  Ladies, there's no difference with your personal life goals and desires.

We all have life challenges that sneak its way into our space and begin to snuff out some of our air but this doesn't eliminate you from deciding your fate.  You will decide it for the positive or the negative.  I'd say that nothing will rattle your feathers. 

Decide your fate today.  It's not your job's fault that you have not received your raise and it's not the state of the economy.  It's not your ex partner's or spouse's fault that you're having difficulty with emotions, harbored hurt and destructive behaviors, it's your thought process that leads to your decision to act which determines your fate - good or bad.  You decide your fate today!  I have and its working!

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I Had My First Radio Taping!

I Had My First Radio Taping!
"It was so much fun"

Listen In To Stations - 94.9 The Point, Z104, 95.7 R&B and 2WD 101.3

Hey Everyone!

I had my very first taping! It was great! I completely enjoyed it. The purpose of the taping was to make our communities aware of the 1st Annual Black Dress Affair that's scheduled for Sunday, July 19th.

We wish for everyone to be aware and to come out, join us and support our efforts.

The taping will be aired on four different stations on Sunday morning, July 5th at 6:00 a.m., (101.3 2WD), 6:30 a.m. Z104 (104.5), 7:00 a.m. (94.9 The Point) & 7:30 a.m. (95.7 R&B).

Listen in for fun! Tell someone about the event and remember to join us at the event at the Point Plaza Suite Hotel (Chesapeake Ballroom) on J. Clyde Morris Blvd. in Newport News, VA.

I could get use to this! Oh and I threw in information about the book also - what a deal!!

What Do You Think?

Do you think that we as women need to focus some of our caring and attention on ourselves?

What affect has not caring for ourselves had on who we are as women. What changes in ourselves have we not noticed occuring because of the lack of attention for us.

Who have we turned into. What levels and depths has we as women taken ourselves through and to in order to find that perfect him.

What Do You Think?
Let us know your comments

The Book Reader's Comment

I read the book in two days. It was wonderful and well written. You hit the nail on the head as the saying goes. Many of us forget our true value and self worth as Women. We always forget ourselves because we constantly put the world ahead. It made me feel much better and appreciated for being the Woman that I am. All Women are Super Heroes! Due to our busy lives, we often forget or are preoccupied, that we forget God is our source of energy, survival, love, patience, strength, etc. I enjoyed the book and have given it to my daughters who are now Women. Wow! I look forward to reading all your materials.

It is also great that part of the proceeds go to an excellent cause. Many Single Mothers need an outlet of support. It feels great to know that someone cares, we are appreciated and there is always some form of assistance available.

Thank you for your wisdom and time as far as writing this book. You are like the Guiding Big Sister so many of us need!!!

Pamela Twiggs

The FACE Foundation - Let's Not Forget Their Faces

The FACE Foundation is a non profit charitable organization that focuses on the wholeness and wellness of single working mothers who are facing difficulty and who are experiencing stress, low self-esteem, anger and financial difficulty.

If you wish to help by contributing to the help of single working mothers, please do so by mailing your contribution to:

The FACE Foundation, PO Box 16225, Newport News, VA 23608. For more information on The FACE Foundation, click the link to the left of this page.

Each dollar donated will go to helping these mothers. There is no donation to small. Will you help today?

Also by purchasing this book, We Are Woman, a portion of the proceeds go into this foundation. I, as an author, wanted to continue to pull all of my resources together so that our single mothers could be helped. We are in it together and I prove this by donating regularly, as well.

How Do We See Our Today?

Our today always looks better than our yesterday.

If we are reading this - we are still seeing. If we have heard the commerical on this blog - we are still hearing. If we are replying to this - we still have use of our hands. If we are pondering this - we still have use of our thoughts.

We are still here! Today is still better than our yesterday, no matter what yesterday held.

Enjoy today.